Mach 2: Mach’s Principle Extended

In isolation, a single particle in an otherwise empty universe would have no mass.

In isolation, a single person would have no self-consiousness.

POSTED — April 20, 2014 — Opinions

Speech at Commencement 2014 to Berkeley MSE Grads

We can use our intuition, our scientific knowledge and our pedagogical skills to paint a picture of how think qualitatively, and then, within limits, quantitatively, about the world of human affairs, and in so doing, have an impact on how other people think.

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Money Creation

The miners who create the money have a phenomenal privllege.

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Tim’s Vermeer

Instead I tried to turn myself into a recording and copying machine that looked at the scene in front of me, observde little spots of light and dark, as finely as possible, and transcribed that light and dark onto the paper, irrespective of what it represented.

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Lived Too Long?

The exam, which consisted of one question he taped to a store window, involved writing an explanation your mother could understand for why something about the Gibbs Free Energy …

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On Mandela: Leading From The Front

Today, politicians do whatever it takes to stay in power. They poll the country, find out what attitudes will sell, and then set up organizations to send different messages to different constituencies, trying to make themselves look like what the polls tell them people want. Mostly, they don’t lead at all, and if they do, they lead from behind.

Mandela had a vision for what a good society would look like, and tried to encourage people towards it. “There are times when a leader must move out ahead of the flock, go off in a new direction, confident that he is leading his people the right way,” he wrote after being freed. He led from the front, having paid the price that guaranteed he knew firsthand what he was talking about.

POSTED — December 9, 2013 — Column, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Laughing All The Way From The Bank

Could it be that cash machines proliferate in pizza parlors and bankers' crimes don't get seriously prosecuted  because money isn't serious anymore?

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