"The axiomatic basis of theoretical physics cannot be extracted from experience, but must be freely invented"

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Where You End and Others Begin

One of the most useful things a person can know about himself is where he or she begins and where other people end.

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Lewis Mumford on the 1929 crisis

The leaders and enterprisers of the period believed that they had avoided the necessity for introducing values, except those which were automatically recorded in profits and prices.

When the machine as a whole overspeeded and purchasing power failed to keep pace with dishonest overcapitalization and exorbitant profits—then the whole machine went suddenly into reverse, stripped its gears, and came to a standstill: a humiliating failure, a dire social loss.

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There is a tide in the affairs of men

The only problem, as the play illustrates over and over again, is that it is not always so easy to recognize these nudges of fate, be they opportunities or warnings.

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We don’t really know what we’d like—there’s so much available in our consumer utopia, it spins the brain.

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A Great Definition of Irony

When the wife of King Ludwig of Bavaria said: "My husband is too fond of boys to beget one", that was irony and sarcasm.

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